Funnster Launches Event Planning App on iOS

The app allows users to create and plan events with their contacts while on the go.

Funnster has officially launched its first iOS app, which allows users to create and plan events with their contacts while on the go.

With Funnster, users can create small and large events within the app by choosing from template events (movie night, baby shower, etc.) or creating an event from scratch. Users can invite guests through text message or email.

When creating an event, planners select one of three participation levels for guests (‘Bring Stuff,’ ‘Share the Expenses’ or ‘Just Be There’), depending on how much help they need (if any).

For ‘Share the Expenses’ events, attendees can use Funnster to send money to the event planner. Meanwhile, ‘Bring Stuff’ events allow the event planner to create a list of items they’d like guests to bring. That is, if users have planned a tailgating party in Funnster, the list may contain items like chips, paper towels and soda, as examples. Attendees can select the item(s) they’d like to bring.

In a statement, Amnon Israel, founder of Funnster, commented:

We believe that if people try Funnster, they’ll get it right away. We’ve positioned ourselves to be different from other event planning or payment apps. Put this in perspective—would you invite friends over to a dinner party through Eventbrite or SplashThat? Not really; it seems awkward. With Funnster, we’re making event planning for all types of events—formal to informal—easily integrative and engaging for hosts and guests. The platform is a place where real events can be coordinated.

Funnster is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Android.