FunMobility Launches Custom Wallpaper App on AT&T

FunMobility has unveiled FunScreenz, an app that lets AT&T Wireless subscribers design custom wallpapers for their mobile phone screens. The company said in a statement that the app lets consumers enter text in order to personalize wallpapers with their names, or to complete sayings such as “I Love BLANK” or “I’d rather be BLANKING.” (Hey, us too.)

FunScreenz currently has a library of over 10,000 interactive wallpapers that are ready to be customized by color, typeface, placement and sizing, as well as the addition of personalized text elements.

Would you, too, rather be BLANKING? If so, download FunScreenz on your AT&T Wireless phone by texting the word SCREENZ to shortcode 386—or visit FunScreenz costs $3.99 per month for up to five personalized wallpapers.

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