Funium Launches Family Village on Facebook

Funium announced the launch of its Facebook game Family Village, in which players explore their own family tree while building an online community.

Family Village, which has been in beta since April 2011, seeks to differentiate itself from similar building sims on the market by focusing on players’ actual family, allowing them to collaborate on their family tree with other family members and incorporate historical documents.

The real family angle is also how Funium plans to monetize Family village. It will sell virtual goods like other social games, but also real historical documents. As players build businesses, houses, immigrate family members and assign jobs Family Village will match inputted data with relevant real-world documents about the users’ living and deceased relatives. These include newspaper articles, census records and other documents, which players can print out, examine or store in their personal game library. Players can also add their own pictures and documents.

Funium’s founder and CEO Jeff Wells, who was previously CEO of family history service GeneTree said that the company plans to bring Family Village to international markets. He pointed out that the game will have massive appeal in Europe and China where family research is a major cultural interest.

Look forward to our review of Family Village to find out how exactly these documents are integrated and monetized in the game.