Fun with New Yorker cartoons

New Yorker Caption Contest.jpg

We’ve been enjoying the New Yorker caption contest lately and while puzzling over our entry for this week’s cartoon, pictured above, we realized that there was much fun to be had by coming up with fun captions relating exclusively to the New York media world. So that’s what we did. Here they are – feel free to submit your own! Enjoy!

  • “Then it’s settled — fit is the new rich!”
  • “Okay so from now on all the men will come to work wet in red CNN jackets.”
  • “Anyone else talk to Scooter Libby lately?”
  • “Who’s next to fact-check in the Love Lab?”
  • “I’ll break the tie: it wasn’t a nudge.”
  • “Who else can’t seem to stop shopping at Target?”
  • “Raise your hand if you secretly want to quit and have a baby!”
  • “Okay, so we ARE inviting Dov Charney to the Christmas Party.”
  • “Who else is excited for MoDo’s book?”
  • “I’m gonna go with a qualified ‘aye’: I think Harriet could take Condi, but only if she wasn’t wearing The Boots.”
  • “Oh, we are so totally submitting this to ‘Modern Love.'”
  • “Yay! And next week we’ll do the “Six Months Plus One Week” anniversary story!”
  • “Who else thinks Sondra’s outfit is “so Jane?”
  • “Then it’s settled, we’re bringing back Tina Brown.”