Fun (The Band) Has Facebook's Most Explosive Page

The band Fun has this week's most explosive page on Facebook, followed by Mudvayne and NFL Countdown.

This week, the band Fun has the most explosive page on Facebook, followed by Mudvayne and NFL Countdown. Read on for more data based on our own statistics tool.

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Fun 465,227 437 311,318
2. Mudvayne 593,118 751 298,389
3. NFL Countdown 302,128 19,241 259,336
4. The National 380,915 523 247,464
5. Girls 398,987 349 243,887
6. Ford Motor de Venezuela 358,137 14,771 234,101
7. Soul Surfer 506,605 2,651 207,578
8. ChatVibes 928,170 29,392 197,092
9. Amazon Student 230,093 183,786 185,381
10. Matchbox Twenty 779,062 687 181,720


Back to school merchandise sales, a large upcoming concert, and a few picture updates help the band Fun kick us off this week. The band’s record label seem to be succeeding in its promotional efforts, resulting in a 311,318 weekly growth total for the page.

Side project announcements have helped the band Mudvayne land in second place on our ranking, with a 298,389 increase.

Using Instagram to bring regular picture updates from their European tour, The National entices 247,464 users to click the like button, putting the band in fourth place this week.

Excitement grows with the approaching release of Girls‘ newest album; 243,887 social networkers place the band in fifth place.

Matchbox Twenty offers discounted merchandise and breaking news on Facebook, garnering 181,720 new users this week for a tenth place finish in the rankings.

Television And Movies

ESPN’s “NFL Countdown” is growing at a torrential rate, especially considering that the show only just started a page on Facebook at the beginning of the month; 259,336 sports lovers clicking like result in a third place finish.

Growing almost as rapidly, Soul Surfers release on DVD earlier this month has created plenty of fodder for page promotions. The work pays off, and the film comes in seventh accruing a 207,578 increase.


Promoting the Fiesta vehicle has Ford Motors’ social networking home in Venezuela nabbing sixth place with a 234,101 weekly growth total.

Back-to-school shoppers have been checking out a contest on ninth place finisher Amazon Student‘s page. This week, 185,381 people clicked like in an attempt to win gift cards redeemable toward educational supplies.


We close this week with one of the early application developer’s for video chat on the social network, ChatVibes. It will be interesting to see their next release, and the page for the app comes in eighth as it has 197,092 people keeping an eye out for new updates.

Readers, did you find yourself liking any of this week’s ten featured pages?

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