Fun King Meets Sun King: Jeff Koons to Exhibit at Versailles

koons does versailles.jpg

“Everything starts with the customer,” said Louis XIV. We’re confident that Jeff Koons would agree, so is it such a stretch for the artist best known for his gilded porcelain sculptures of Michael Jackson and chrome balloon puppies to install his work at the former home of the Sun King? That’s the plan for next fall, when Koons will have his first major French museum show…at the Palace of Versailles.

The exhibition, slated to run from late September through November of 2008, will include 12 to 15 of Koons’s large-scale works as an extension of “Versailles Off,” a program that brings contemporary art exhibitions to the palace grounds. “I sincerely believe that this artist, who is a product of neo-Pop culture, is very well suited to Versailles,” said Chateau de Versailles President Jean-Jacques Aillagon in a interview with Farah Nayeri published today on “Versailles is a Baroque object, and Baroque art, after all, was the 17th and 18th century’s version of Pop Art.”