Fun Friday Link: More Money Than The Brands They Represent


This has been floating around a bit in certain circles, but just in case you missed it, we wanted to pass along the funny to you. It’s a satricial site by the terrific agency, Strawberryfrog, called If you’re in the ad world, or in any way connected with a lot of creative types with varying degrees of power, you’re sure to get a laugh out of this. But heck, even if you aren’t and, like most of our readers, you spend most of your life backpacking through dangerous mountain terrain in search of ancient artifacts that will finally prove your radical theories to your enemies in acadamia, your only companionship coming from your faithful mute sherpa or those hours you can get a wi-fi connection, you’ll probably laugh too. Here’s a little on when you’re thinking of buying your own country:

As a very successful brand manager it is important that your money works for you. But why not have a whole population work for you?

A small third world country could do wonders for your property portfolio.

Once a property has been selected, the next step is to ensure that it does not appear on Amnesty’s list of repressed countries. Freeing a nation from a suppressive dictator may do wonders for your profile but it does involve greater risk. Especially when faced with local extremists who may not see any benefit in being owned by you. Introducing yourself as saviour in a poor but peaceful country will be a safer investment.