Fun Finds From Around The Journosphere

It’s Wednesday, hump day. The week’s half-over or half-begun, depending on how optimistic you’re feeling today. Either way, it’s probably about time you had a little lunch-time diversion.

So today I present a feast of fun finds I’ve seen linked around the journosphere (and related areas) recently. Hopefully, you can find a few minutes to waste, err, peruse, them when you need a creative boost. There’s something for everyone, whether your “thing” is for words or photos or design. Have fun!

1.) Play the NYT “stupid game” and destroy their story page with the flash, keyboard-controlled triangle. The game is meant to play off the content of the piece, which is all about why we love to play stupidly addictive games, such as Angry Birds.

2.) What if Facebook was Invented in the ’90s? This is what it would look like.

3.) I Shot The Serif. (But I did not shoot the sans-serif.) This fun, fast-paced game tests your typography knowledge and how well you can pick your serifs from your sans-serif.


4.) If type isn’t your forte, how well do you know your way around the color wheel? This game, Color, gives players a limited amount of time to precisely pinpoint the given hue or saturation or the complimentary colors. It’s sort of maddening, but it’s also sort of addicting to see how precise you can be.


5.) Speaking of color… The color of “newspaper” is a lot prettier than I expected. This simple site allows you to search for a name, item or place — whatever really — and it compiles a composite image of recent Flickr photos with that phrase. The composite is a colorful image supposedly showing “the color of” that item. Generally, the colors don’t stray too far from each other (except for items very heavily favoring one color, say “blue” or “grass”), but it’s still sort of fun to see how different images/themes combine to affect the mood of the final image.