Facebook Tests Text Comment Stories in the Recent Activity Feed

Facebook is testing a new type of one-line story on the recent activity feed of the wall which shows the full text of a comment. This story type would make the recent activity feed more interesting but slower to read, and could entice users to click through to view the original post.

In the example above, the standard comment story on Sanders’ recent activity feed shows his first name, and that he commented on Trevor Bryant’s link. However, in the tested full text comment story, the author of the comment’s first name is not shown, and instead the text of the comment is shown in its entirety. Only the green comment icon denotes what kind of action the story represents.

The recent activity feed was changed to be more interactive in early November after months of relative stability. Facebook added the option to instantly Like an Open Graph object from the activity feed story generated when a friend Liked that object. Previously, users had to click off-site to the object to Like it. To balance this, users were also given the option Unlike a Page or Open Graph object when removing the story about a Like from their own feed.

The full text comment story brings a user’s unique content into the recent activity feed. Otherwise, this feed is only populated by stories indicating connections and actions, such as a user Liking a Page, editing an open field of their profile, or writing on a friend’s wall. The stories wouldn’t show what they added to the Quotations section of their profile, or what they wrote on that friend’s wall, though.

Showing the full text might make readers curious enough to click through and see what the original post was about. However, we’re no longer seeing this test, meaning Facebook may have decided that unique content is better left on the wall.

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