Full Disclosure: Politico Reporter Iced by Fox News PR

Considering no one except those deep in the secret bowels of Fox News knows why communications exec Brian Lewis was fired and escorted from the building in July, Politico‘s Dylan Byers last night attempted a fairly in-depth story on the matter.

Needless to say, the headline, “Roger Ailes fires his ‘right hand'” elicited masturbation jokes in the comment section.

One graph that popped was the last, in which Byers describes his own non-relationship with the network. Politico reporters have long been blackballed from FNC, with a nameless publicist snarking that they just “tend not to rate well.”

“(With few exceptions, Fox News PR does not respond to inquiries from POLITICO; it stopped responding to this reporter altogether after he published a blog item on Feb. 3, 2012, highlighting how FoxNews.com gave less attention than other media outlets to a positive monthly jobs report).”

Full disclosure: FishbowlDC was blackballed by FNC PR in mid-2010. Our last story on speaking terms involved Shepard Smith snubbing a Poynter event at the Newseum. At the time, an FNC spokeswoman said, “While we’re amused by Poynter’s persistence we have no interest in participating given their relevancy has ceased to exist.” We gave Poynter a chance to respond and met our demise.