Fuggeristas! Fashion! Fire-Spinning?

Heather and Jessica, the Go Fug Yourself team, are putting their talents to use in New York magazine in New York City in New York state, all week. Their take on Olympic Fashion Week should sustain those of us that can’t get through the day without their brand of style and sarcasm.

FBLA can’t help wishing that a Los Angeles-based media outlet might have snagged the Fuggers to do fashion coverage. The West magazine Fall Fashion issue continued the LA Times tradition of poorly-styled, strangely-lit models contorted in an imitation of international Vogue editoral spreads. On the bright side: you can’t see the clothes.

Booth Moore, whose writing may not be to everyone’s taste, has a genuine love of fashion and a walk-in closet of knowledge about the industry, but her editors like to measure out her work, in tiny little tea-spoons. Perhaps the LA Times believes fashion isn’t a serious subject. Unlike the new fitness craze of fire-spinning.