FUEL TV’s The Daily Habit Runs Out of Gas

For anyone who has been privy to a production meeting that somewhat sheepishly hints that the writing is already on the wall, the following portion of ESPN.com’s report about the cancellation of FUEL TV’s action sports talk show flagship The Daily Habit will be hauntingly familiar:

The Daily Habit reached a critical juncture in the spring of 2010, when David Hill, the chairman and CEO of Fox Sports Media Group, called an all-hands meeting at FUEL TV’s first-floor offices in Los Angeles.

Hill prefaced the meeting by telling the gathered executives, staffers, freelancers and talent that he ought to be giving them a hard time for failing to reach more viewers. Instead, he emphasized that he believed in the network. But the bottom line was this: There weren’t enough eyeballs watching Fuel TV, he said, and that needed to change.

Ah yes, the admonition disguised as a pep talk. We’ve been there. The final episode of The Daily Habit, which has cranked out more than 1,350 episodes over six years, is scheduled for November 22.