FT Tilt Details

Finally, some details emerge about the soon-to-launch site, FT Tilt. It’s the Financial Time‘s newest attempt to build a niche site, and it will focus on emerging markets.

“The name ‘Tilt’ was inspired by the recognition that global economic and financial power are tilting south and east,” said the publisher to paidContent. It will be headquartered in New York, but open bureaus across Latin America and Asia.

The FT has decided to make the site separate from the larger publication, and many of the minds behind FT Alphaville will lead Tilt.

“Like Alphaville, Tilt will include community elements which the FT says will provide a platform for thinkers and businessfolk to share views,” writes paidContent reporter Robert Andrews. “It’s not clear whether Tilt will operate on subscriptions; currently, Alphaville’s blog and community feature, though not its morning newsletter, are outside FT.com’s paywall.”

The idea seems to be taking shape, but still no word on the launch date other than “later this year,” or how many people the company plans to hire for the project. But here’s some talent the company needs, according to the FT Tilt website. “On the journalism side, we’re looking for editors and writers to work in a variety of locations. Successful candidates will be natural writers with a strong leaning towards finance. Ideally they will also have good language skills, along with excellent keyboard and web skills.”

So there are jobs available. That’s something.