FT Previews its New Home Page, Is it Pink or What?

I just received an email from Financial Times announcing about the sneak preview of their newly redesigned home page. According to the email, the redesigned was aimed at establishing a sophisticated look and feel for the site which is consistent with the Financial Times branding. This branding includes a clean and uncluttered executive briefing on the world of global business.

The Financial Times also highlights the key changes with the Financial Times online site. These include;

  • expansion of coverage for very important and relevant subjects including, microeconomics, energy and technology
  • contextualizing market movements through more efficient way of integrating market data and news
  • gives more opportunities for users to become part of the Financial Times community by participating to discussion forums and blogs within the FT network.
  • plus many other features

The Financial Times email also includes a link to the preview page of the new Financial Times online site. And when I clicked on the link, I was surprised to see the Financial Times frontpage now sporting a pink background. What was once present only on its logo has now become the site’s background color.

For whatever reason that Financial Times have decided to use the color pink, quite honestly, the oozing professionl aura of the previous home page is certainly lacking in the new pink design. Although the new site offers high-quality content, still using the such color for a business-oriented online site seems to be inappropriate. It’s not that I don’t like pink, but FT could have take a cue with the simple black and white color design of the NYT site.

But still, if you’ve grown tired of the old simple and clean look and design of the previous online FT, the new FT home page might actually become a hit even before I starting doing the mini-quest.