Frost Design Gives Sydney Opera House An Old Sail And A New Look


By way of 1+1=3, we found the announcement that Frost Design has completely overhauled the identity for the Sydney Opera House (you know, the first thing you see when you think about Sydney). After 10 years of running with the same identity, the famous facility decided that is was time for a change, and Design Week has the whole story on how Frost Design did what they did and why they did it. It’s an interesting read, if just for the ‘their process’ information. Here’s some:

“We’ve turned up the volume of the typography — made that a very strong element — because the name is something Sydney Opera House can really own. The typography also represents the steps at the entrance to the building and is reminiscent of a crescendo of music, making the logo a performance in itself,” says [Cat] Burgess.

The group chose an early conceptual drawing by the building’s architect Jorn Utzon as the basis for its sails image. This image is used in campaigns to present a “more accessible and informal” positioning, with words such as “live” and “love” written within it. “Because of its name people associate Sydney Opera House with high art but it’s about much more than that. It has a huge diversity of performance type and we wanted to reflect that,” explains Burgess.