Frosmo’s Arcade Tournaments Come to Facebook

Last month we took a look at the Finnish company Frosmo and its Facebook Connect powered arcade portal of the same name. Now it has launched a Facebook edition. It has all the same bells and whistles that come from the full web portal rendition, with the only noticible difference being the use of dollar, not just Euros, and its obvious use of the Facebook social graph. Here’s a closer look.

As expected the account created on the original site was still intact, and when jumping in, the player is immediately prompted, at the top of their screen, with a three step tutorial – of sorts – to guide them through the basics of Frosmo. Pleasantly, it doesn’t have to be done, so the user is able to move through the digital arcade at their own pace. But considering some of the more complex nuances of the app, the tutorial might not be a bad idea.

Game play is as expected for any arcade compilation. Some games are high quality and extraordinarily addictive, and others… not so much. Nonetheless, players play various games to raise their Frosmo player rank. This isn’t to be confused with rank in regards to leaderboards, but more like a skill level, and it is far more than just superfluous bragging rights.

As was mentioned prior, tournaments make up a great deal of the Frosmo app, and the level and quality of tournaments one can participate in is reflective upon Frosmo rank. Why should that matter? Well, prizes, of course. Each tournament comes with real prizes, including cash, for its winners. Currently, the low end prize is $70 but requires a rank between 15 and 29, while the high end is $560 but requires 200 to 999 (which, obviously, means a lot of play time).

Certainly, the cash is an attractive incentive, but Frosmo is hardly throwing money away. In order to participate in tournaments, one needs the virtual currency known as Frollars to enter. It can be earned a number of ways including direct purchase, offer completions, or Frollar Tournament participation in which the prize is said virtual currency. Furthermore, Frollars can also be used to purchase expensive, limited, upgraded memberships such as Silver, Gold, or Platinum in order to earn rank faster, play higher quality games, or participate in premium game tournaments.

While all this might seem like a lot for one person, remember that Frosmo is based around team play. Players can actually become the leader of one team and a member of up to four. The way these work is actually most inventive: You see, as a team, players contribute what is called “energy” towards the creation of “inventions.” This energy is earned through most actions within Frosmo such as increasing your level, buying Frollars, or playing in tournaments. Once enough energy has been acquired, an invention is completed, which can then be sold by all members for even more Frollars.

Better inventions become available as a team’s leader advances in Frosmo. This advancement is represented by a time era (i.e. the Stone Age) and inventions are based around that period. As a team member, it is your duty to support the leader and move them through the ages (10 ranks equals a new era) to earn better, and by extension, more valuable, inventions to complete and sell. Moreover, the newer the era, the more players a team can have, thus earning everyone more Frollars in the long run.

Obviously, this support of the team leader is what makes having multiple teams prudent. It just wouldn’t be fair to give everything to them, but with the five potential teams a user can have, it is possible to have everyone interconnected so that they can all help each other through the ages and all earn more Frollars. In fact, this works on two levels because as a member advances to a new era, that earns even more of the virtual currency for the leads, thus if everyone is on each other’s teams then everyone is earning virtual cash!

After playing through parts of Frosmo in more depth, it can certainly be said that the developer has more than thought out all the complexities that come with it. Everything feels very tightly knit in how you can use Frollars for everything, but are not merely limited to buying it. By tying its uses to real prizes, membership upgrades, and weaving it into social teamwork, Frosmo has effectively improved longevity, incentives to play, and virtual currency sales. There is an option for everyone, and with its myriad of casual titles, certainly a game for everyone as well.

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