FrontierVille, Verdonia, Millionaire City Lead on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by MAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users is a great mix of big-company titles and quirky underdogs. It’s led off by FrontierVille, the new Zynga game that has attracted a rush of attention for its growth.

FrontierVille’s growth is indeed great, but it falls short in one area: comparison to Zynga’s previous hit, Treasure Isle. While FrontierVille’s 15 million MAU is impressive, it has taken the game twice as long to gain that many MAU as it took FrontierVille. Whether that will mean a lower high point than Treasure Isle’s peak of 27 million MAU remains to be seen.

Here’s the AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. FrontierVille 15,238,186 +3,422,159 +28.96
2. Verdonia 2,713,215 +1,259,642 +86.66
3. Millionaire City 1,789,324 +745,677 +71.45
4. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 3,488,853 +711,413 +25.61
5. Baking Life 2,564,435 +641,344 +33.35
6. Hello City 5,539,370 +618,511 +12.57
7. Fashion World 1,615,326 +520,763 +47.58
8. SuperFun Town! 429,183 +409,784 +2,112.40
9. Mall World 3,999,734 +247,372 +6.59
10. 開心水族箱 3,038,640 +219,092 +7.77
11. Horse Gaga 279,375 +190,530 +214.45
12. Bola 4,537,566 +186,948 +4.30
13. Casino City 362,529 +181,615 +100.39
14. Nightclub City 4,358,559 +166,473 +3.97
15. Games 3,858,052 +164,676 +4.46
16. 時尚人 生 157,735 +147,615 +1,458.65
17. Social City 10,032,146 +130,912 +1.32
18. Monster World 1,584,840 +123,364 +8.44
19. Sweet World 649,395 +112,276 +20.90
20. Okey 2,764,434 +107,827 +4.06

Verdonia, with almost 1.3 million new MAU, is doing incredibly well for a strategy title. The only downside is that the number of returning users to the Playdom game, judging by the daily active user count, is quite low. We’ll be writing a bit more about the game tomorrow.

At number three, Millionaire City is the latest from Digital Chocolate. Happily, it also now qualifies as that developer’s largest hit to date, and by a quite significant margin. The game has an interesting Monopoly-style take on the city building genre; you can check out our review of it here.

EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars, at number four, continues to do quite well — easy enough, with a week left in the World Cup. It’s followed by Baking Life, which is still, weeks into its run, closely followed by Fashion World, another store management sim by a different developer.

Finally, take note of SuperFun Town! — it could turn out to be a very significant title. Yet another addition to the city-building genre, SuperFun suddenly shot up by 266,487 new MAU on Saturday — a rate that, if multipled across a week, would bring it about 1.8 million MAU. The developer, Iwi, hasn’t had any large games on Facebook before.