FrontierVille and Chinese Games Lead This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

Zynga’s Western themed game FrontierVille is back on top of this week’s fastest growing games according to daily active users (DAU). According to AppData, our service that tracks the top games and applications on Facebook, FrontierVille gained over 322,000 daily players in the last week. FrontierVille has been slowly decaying in terms of monthly active users, but its DAU has been rising and falling in a rather unpredictable fashion. It still has a very high retention percentage, with almost 28% of its MAU logging in to play each day.

This week we are also seeing a major increase in the number of Chinese language games on our top 20 list by DAU. A number of Chinese simulation games that had seen a decline in DAU over the past few months had a sudden unexplained spike in traffic this week — it’s not clear why, especially given that the titles come from a mix of developers.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. FrontierVille5,734,936+322,579+6%
2. ibibo.com286,084+250,515+704%
3. Diner Dash213,565+201,712+1,702%
4. 德州撲克(中文版)611,938+188,796+45%
5. 開心水族箱1,220,579+154,296+14%
6. 小小戰爭761,483+126,242+20%
7. 開心農場1,122,001+118,950+12%
8. Ravenwood Fair1,054,787+92,948+10%
9. FarmVille 中文版470,632+92,152+24%
10. Resort World510,136+86,595+20%
11. Komşu Çiftlik485,892+81,629+20%
12. CityVille19,948,795+67,740+0.34%
13. 我的王國(My Kingdom)447,344+66,465+17%
14. It Girl1,445,961+61,930+4%
15. Texas HoldEm Poker7,667,471+60,629+0.80%
16. 恐龍王國416,656+55,329+15%
17. Fantasy Kingdoms93,225+55,315+146%
18. Okey954,517+49,342+5%
19. Miner Speed93,413+45,692+96%
20. Ninja Saga1,070,256+45,442+4%

Diner Dash is the classic PlayFirst title that has finally arrived to Facebook. Having launched just over two weeks ago, the game has shown modest success having grown to 213,000 DAU. When we reviewed Diner Dash last month, we noted that it looks and plays great albeit was plagued with some bugs and technical issues. It appears that PlayFirst has now resolved many of these problems, allowing the game to grow at a decent rate. Diner Dash is very fast paced, which is a nice change compared to the time management sims we have come to know on Facebook that rely on players spending time out of the game instead of inside it — although asynchronous gaming has done better on Facebook.

開心水族箱, (which translates to Happy Fishbowl) is an older aquarium simulation game similar to FishVille and Happy Aquarium. Its developer is Happy Elements Ltd. Happy Fishbowl gives players a side view of an aquarium, which can be decorated in order to make a customized habitat for the fish that are raised within. Feeding and growing fish is the primary objective. The game saw a 14% increase in DAU this week which brings it up to 1.2 million daily players. Meanwhile, another China-based developer, Five Minutes also has a game on the list: 小小戰爭 (Little War)

恐龍王國 (Dinosaur Kingdom) is a very polished city builder with a prehistoric theme. Only available in Chinese, we were still able to figure out how to play without understanding the text. Dinosaur Kingdom does not bring anything new or innovative to the table; it is pretty obvious that it is very close in design to Social City. It does have a certain level of charm with the stylized avatars and the dinosaur theme. There is also a very rudimentary combat mechanic that allows players to click on dinosaurs to defeat them and gain XP. Dinosaur Kingdom gained over 55,000 new players in the last week, which makes its total DAU over 416,000.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

Tami Baribeau is Senior Community Manager at ZipZapPlay and a contributor to Inside Social Games.