From ‘Why the Hell Do You Go To Africa?’ to ‘Conquerer,’ New York on Gibson

Wonder what Charlie Gibson thinks of New York‘s Joe Hagan now. A week after calling Hagan “something of a snake” following an interview published in New York magazine in which Hagan quoted Gibson as saying “Why the hell do you go to Africa?” in reference to a Brian WilliamsBono trip to the continent, Hagan depicts a fanged Gibson in next week’s New York magazine:

Charlie the Conqueror by Joe Hagan

While Diane Sawyer waffled about taking over as the ABC evening-news anchor and the pregnant Elizabeth Vargas tried on to it, her formally avuncular co-host Charlie Gibson showed his fangs, swooped in and seized the throne for himself.

EARLIER: Gibson: New York‘s Hagan ‘Something Of A Snake’

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