From Waco, Danish Radio Duo Covers Wacko Election

A savvy geopolitical choice.

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation has bypassed New York and Washington D.C., traditional destinations for foreign political observers covering a U.S. election, in favor of a more down-to-earth swath of citizenry. For the duration of this week, these reporters are camped out in Waco, Texas, near the campus of Baylor University.

On the Lone Star State ground is the Danish duo of Tony Scott and Tue Bladel. (And “Tue” is certainly an accidentally apt name for someone dropped into the middle of U.S. Election Tuesday.) From the pair’s bio:

Scott & Blædel host an award-winning daily news show called Pressen på P3. The show is a drive-time program mixing entertainment and current affairs, targeting a young audience between 20-40. And they do so very successfully. Pressen på P3 reach 500.000 listeners on a daily basis and won “Best News Show” in Denmark 2014 and 2015. Between the two of them Tony and Tue has more than 20 years of radio experience.

In Danish, the word for “huge” is kaemple. In the item above by KCEN-TV reporter Kurtis Quillin, one of the Danish journos does a pretty good impression of Trump’s English-language version.