From the FishbowlLA mailbox: special political edition

Someone just sent us this:

Dear Media Bistro,

I am participating in a panel on the Hollywood blacklist at the conservative Liberty Film Festival, and the panel and audience will be predominantly rightwing.

Can you please e-mail the below out on your list server and/or post it on your blog, and send it to any other blogs and journalists you’re in touch with who may be interested? With your help, we may be able have more progressives in the audience, get some fair media coverage and expand the viewership on C-SPAN when the panel discussion airs.

Thanks a lot,


Okay! But remember, you’re only allowed to come if you’re progressive. Info after the jump.


The Liberty Film Festival presents a panel discussion on leftwing politics and blacklisting in Hollywood with authors from across the political spectrum.’s Jim Hirsen, author of the conservative “Tales From the Left Coast,” says that this event is historic, because it’s the first time such a wide range of opinion, from right to left, is assembled to publicly discuss the Hollywood blacklist.

WHO: Richard Schickel
– Time Magazine film critic, documentarian and prolific author; his new book is on Elia Kazan
Patrick Goldstein – LA Times staff writer who writes Tuesdays’ “The Big Picture” column
Ron Radosh – author “Red Star Over Hollywood”
Ed Rampell – author “Progressive Hollywood, A People’s Film History of the United States”
Jim Hirsen – author “Hollywood Nation”
Jeff Britting – author and archivist, Ayn Rand Institute, author of an Ayn Rand biography and of the upcoming “Ayn Rand: Overlook Illustrated Lives”

The panel will be moderated by journalist John Meroney, who writes for National Review and is the author of “American Destiny,” about Ronald Reagan in Hollywood

Saturday, October 22, 5:45 p.m.- 6:45 p.m.

WHERE: Pacific Design Center, the Silver Screen Theatre, 2nd floor, Center Green Building, 8687 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, 90069. Parking is $6.

For schedule information re: when the panel will air on C-SPAN II’s “Books TV” log on to:

: $8 each, available online only at the Liberty Film Festival website:

Book signings will follow the event. All members of the public and all viewpoints are welcome at this event.

This is the second annual Liberty Film Festival, which highlights conservative feature and documentary films and filmmakers.

The Liberty Film Festival
Festival Co-director: Govindini Murty