From Social Life to Impending Death on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s list of emerging apps on Facebook, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, is home to a number of quirky new ideas. However, the first non-game app on the list is unusual in another way: it’s in Turkish. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor, a profile analyzer, actually appears at both numbers two and 16, apparently because the developer released it twice.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. SuperFun Town! 623,256 +533,908 +597.56
2. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor? 573,006 +431,310 +304.39
3. Social Ratings 523,580 +360,944 +221.93
4. vChatter 716,829 +349,253 +95.02
5. OndaPix 381,579 +322,163 +542.22
6. Death Time Calculator 318,829 +302,437 +1,845.03
7. Casino City 519,466 +277,723 +114.88
8. Pet Resort 263,121 +245,438 +1,387.99
9. Become the Avatar 540,730 +223,161 +70.27
10. Rate My Friends 407,197 +193,644 +90.68
11. HootSuite 395,887 +187,855 +90.30
12. Was ist dein Talent? 301,046 +164,197 +119.98
13. 時尚人 生 280,944 +155,375 +123.74
14. The Hardest Game of the World 595,641 +151,179 +34.01
15. Birdland 609,820 +145,010 +31.20
16. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor 278,675 +140,340 +101.45
17. sProphet – Sports Predictions 427,531 +128,297 +42.88
18. Profile Picture Analyzer! 626,450 +126,891 +25.40
19. Maya Pyramid 373,141 +121,815 +48.47
20. Jumping Dog 960,364 +110,657 +13.02

At the very top of the list, of course, we see SuperFun Town!, a new city-building game that’s really taking off — more for its decorative components than any in-depth city management mechanics. As usual, we’ve got more on all the games over at Inside Social Games.

Social Ratings, at number three, is basically another friend quiz, asking users questions about people on their friend list, the answers to which are then posted to their walls to draw in new users. Rate My Friends, at number 10, uses the same mechanic.

The app following it Social Ratings, vChatter, is far more interesting: it’s a video chat app that friends can use to talk to each other. Like other chat apps that we’ve seen growing rapidly on Facebook this month, its userbase appears to be heavily international.

OndaPix allows users to add decorations to photos on their profiles. Then there’s the somewhat morbid Death Time Calculator, which is another case of Facebook mimicking the 90s-era internet — death calculators having been all the rage a decade or more ago.

Finally, down toward the bottom of the list we have sProphet – Sports Predictions, a perfectly self-descriptive app. While most sports apps that we’ve seen on Facebook either haven’t taken off or have been pegged to a specific one-time event like a playoff, sProphet seems to be doing pretty well, perhaps because it’s a general-purpose app for any popular sport.