From RIM: Five BlackBerry PlayBook Browsing Tips & Tricks

Getting comfortable with a completely new (to you) computer platform always takes time and a bit of trial and error. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is about as new as it comes being built on top of QNX (a UNIX-like real-time operating system RIM bought last year) instead of BlackBerry’s own phone OS. To help new PlayBook users get comfortable, the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog has been publishing tips. The latest is:

Five BlackBerry PlayBook Browsing Tips and Tricks

The tips they offer in this post are:

1. Search using the Address Bar. Users of the Google Chrome browser will be familiar with this very handy feature that removes the distinction between directly typing a web address and searching for something on the web.

2. Add a shortcut to a specific website to the PlayBook’s Home Screen

3.a. Copy and paste text
3.b. Save, copy and view an image

4. Reveal and use the browser’s download button by swiping down from the top bezel when viewing a web page

5. Hide the browser’s address to provide more viewing space

The Inside BlackBerry Help Blog has tagged all of their PlayBook focused items. You can find other PlayBook tips and information on the blog at: