From One Bad Designer to Another


As an occassional designer who suffers from the fact that he is not a particularly good designer, and it takes him hours to think up one good, solid idea when someone else, in the same span of time, can create a fresh new outlook on what it means to be human, this essay, “Confessions of a Bad Designer” is a tremendously appreciated bit of writing. No time will be further wasted here, as you need to read it right away. But if you still need convincing, here’s a favorite little selection from it:

Oddly, perhaps, I’m proud of my limited ability – or rather, I’m proud of my recognition of it. A former girlfriend, a designer, would often lament that everyone thinks they’re a designer. It was the bane of her work. But it was also understandable. We each have to establish some kind of personal style, if only by choosing between cultural defaults. Color, pattern, form, texture, and composition all play into decisions about the clothes we wear and the way we decorate the places we live. It’s enough to make you think you know something about design – which you do, of course. But knowing something about design and being a designer are not the same thing.