From Oculus Rift to Rice Krispies, Go Inside Facebook Beach and Instagram’s Installation at Cannes

The brands showed off their features

CANNES, France—Facebook has set up shop along the French Riviera at Cannes this week to help walk marketers through strategies to craft campaigns and talk about all of the platform’s features—which include a bigger focus on live video, virtual reality, Instagram and Messenger.

This year’s theme at Facebook beach is, “Connected, we can create anything.” The activation includes a video booth where attendees can have a live portrait taken by artist Alexa Meade and an area where people can put on an Oculus Rift headset to watch VR case studies about how brands like Gatorade and Airbnb used Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook Creative Shop has set up several mini scenes dubbed #FBMiniCannes that users can film with their smartphone.

Meanwhile, Instagram’s installation at the Palais functions as a living museum to show off six categories of content and creators that represent each of them. Every day this week, Instagram is hosting talent like Jessica Siskin, who specializes in making and photographing Rice Krispie Treats, and travel-themed account @adamsaymusic.

There’s also a large-scale floral installation in the shape of Instagram’s camera logo. “I think this really emphasizes the multi-dimensional experience that you get on Instagram,” said Kay Hsu, global Instagram lead at Facebook Creative Shop.

Check out the video above for a look at both brands’ activations.

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