From MTV to Florist, All in One Fell Swoop

Todd Oldham’s biography can only read one way: this guy likes working on most anything, with most anyone, and, we can assume, has a few dollars in the bank. The guy’s done everything from Target to Lazy Boy furniture lines, to photo sessions with Amy Sedaris, to building lounges for Volkswagen’s Sundance digs, to even creating all the wardrobe for our favorite actress in our favoritest movie ever, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Simply Irresistible, respectively (what?). So did it surprise us to learn that Oldhams’s got a new deal with FTD (the flower people)? It did not. And like his other work, it’s bright and screams, “Look at this! Quirky!” but at the same time, like usual, it’s all perfectly approachable and nice to look at. So we will not hold it against you if you order us some. Especially not if you send us one with the number you’ll be at when you’re in town. Grrrrrow. (what?)