From Chip Kidd Alum to the Most Talked-About Book of the Year

When Chip Kidd’s terrific book covering his work came out earlier this year, we went and saw him read at the hipper-than-hip bookstore Quimby’s here in Chicago. When the obligatory Q&A session came around, we asked him something about his teaching and if any of his students had gone on to do great things. He talked for a while about Rodrigo Corral, who had made his biggest splash with James Frey’s Oprah-angering book, A Million Little Pieces (which, in addition to having read a galley copy months before its release and having a girlfriend who
was on CNN defending him
, this writer will stand by as an amazing
piece of work, regardless of truth — so if you want a fight, come get it). Unfortunately, we completely forgot to follow up on getting info on Corral. So it was a happy moment finding this recent interview with him: “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.” Goes over his
process, how he treats books, and how much he reads on a weekly basis. Oh, and what’s our inside dish on what Kidd said about him? He talked about him being a challenging student at times and how blown away he was by his work after he graduated. No so exciting, but hey, we talk about designers here. We’re not often the most exciting bunch. If you want that, stay tuned for the mediabistro Smoke Jumpers blog.