From ‘Botox Leave’ to ‘Eternity Leave’ — Eight Unique Employee Benefits Around the Globe

If you think 15 or 20 days of personal time is par for the course here in America, well, you’re right. But what about benefits that include home electricity generators, time off for cosmetic procedures, and even an “eternity leave?”

Mercer’s 2012 Worldwide Benefits & Employment Guidelines round up some unique employee benefits across the pond.

1. Home electricity generators. In Nigeria, employees are offered home electricity generators. In fact, maintenance costs as well are offered as employee benefits.

2. Botox leave. Yes, you read that right. In the UK it’s becoming common to take paid time off for cosmetic reasons whether it’s a visit to the hair salon or getting a wrinkle injection.

3. Wedding/marriage leave. Want some time off before you tie the knot? Better head to China where three days of leave is typical. It sounds like the policies vary by province but overall, more time off may be granted if the bride and groom are at a “mature age” (meaning 25 for men; 23 for women).

4. 50th birthdays. If you turn 50 in Sweden, thanks to collective agreements, employees are entitled to a paid day off on that milestone birthday. Doctor’s visits and your own wedding are also entitled to paid time off.

5. Single parent time off. In addition to time off normally given for paid leave, widows and single parents with kids under the age of 12 are entitled to six additional days off in Greece.

6. Business start-up. How’s this for entrepreneurship? In France after you’ve been with the same employer for 24 months, you would be eligible for 12 months of unpaid leave to start or acquire your own business. At the end of the year, you may return to the company in your old job or a similar position with an equivalent salary.

7. Eternity leave. Got loyalty? In Australia, employees gain time off in exchange for their employment loyalty. Typically this means employees can get 13 weeks of paid time off after 15 years of service. After that, employees may earn an additional month for every five years of service.

8. Leisure allowance. In Hungary, employees may get an electronic voucher known as the MKB SZEP. The annual value is approximately USD $1,360 (HUF 300,000) and is taxable to the employee. It may be used to cover hotel costs, catering food (hot food only), and certain leisure activities.