From a Tory Torch to a Tory Tree

If you lived in the UK (and you very well might), which logo would you want to represent your political party? Seems like the Tories are leaning towards the one on the right. Don’t send us emails about the horrid pixelation yet–the new logo was shown at a top secret meeting, and someone snapped a photo with their camera phone (those sneaky Conservatives!) and leaked it to the papers.

The logo on the left was actually created for an online poll. When word of the rebranding got around in June, held a survey to find out what voters might want, and the very similar logo created by Kreig Barrie won that vote with 63%.

We’ll wait for the hi-res image to decide, but Barrie’s unofficial version seems way better to us. But they both kinda say…healthcare.

Thanks to Lindsay Ballant.