frog’s Frat Party

The opening party opened with a band named The Greatest American Hero, who closed their set with “The Jeffersons” theme. Pretty sweet. Then the warehouse humidified, the beer line multiplied and the chicks dressed up as angels got up on stage and started flapping their wings (above).

Adaptive Path’s Peter Merholz, Dan Saffer and Jesse James Garrett promoted their upcoming party by claiming they knew no details about it but to check their website for details. (Again, that’s Chatted with Paul Schreiber who has an Apple on his business card, then Jon Lowry, who has an orange on his card that Apple told him they don’t like one bit. Julia Yacenda of Onomy is the only woman we’ve met so far. Michael Sharon plugged his brilliantly-named Socialight, which might be different from Dodgeball.

We were ever-so-kindly attended to by local host James Craig, senior design technologist at frog, who recommended we bolt for another party at the Iron Cactus. The drinks became free again the moment we arrived, thus we ended the night in Herradura heaven, right back where we had begun our extended binge only nine hours before. Robert Scales of Raincity Studios and others from Vancouver had something to do with the after party, so we thank them for today’s headache.

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