fring Upgrade for Symbian Gets Nokia Touch Screen Users New Twitter Features. Android Update? Meh

fring is a communications app that provide voice over IP (VoIP) including Skype calls, support for a variety of instant messaging clients (MSN, GoogleTalk, etc.), and Twitter. Well, that is actually a stretch to say it does all that since fring’s feature set varies widely on various phone platforms. Newer version of Symbian (Nokia phones) have the most features. The Windows Mobile version has a good set of features too. However, the Android version can barely do anything comparatively speaking.

fring just announced…

New versions for Symbian and Android

People with touch screen Nokia phone models seem to have gotten the best of this upgrade cycle by gaining what appears to be much enhanced Twitter features.

As for Android users? Well, no video calls, no file transfer, no localization or speaker phone support. You can make free mobile (VoIP) calls and chat, however.

fring feature matrix by phone platform