fring Update Supports iPhone 4 Video Calls: But, I Couldn't Test It

fring announced video call support for the iPhone 4.
iPhone gets 2-way video calls to all leading mobile platforms on 3G
So, I installed the new version on my iPhone 4 and logged in with the fring ID I created two years ago. Unfortunately, fring rejected my login attempts. My first thought was I had not recorded the password correctly. So, I tried to use its “I forgot” option to send my password. That did not work. My next thought was my account had been deleted because of non-use. So, I tried to recreate the account. fring reported that the account name already existed. Next, I tried to create a new account with a new user name. Repeated attempts resulted a series of “that account name already exists”. Finally, I created a username it seemed to accept only to get the message you see in the screenshot above.
So, while fring may permit iPhone 4 video calls over 3G, I’m not going to test it.