fring Asking About Choosing Phones for Video Calls. I Ask: Who Actually Makes Video Calls (aside from demos)?

fring,they of the mobile net telephony network, has a poll asking:

How much of a factor was fring’s video calling in choosing your phone ?

How do you choose your Smartphone ?

First, I have no idea why there is a space preceding the question mark 🙂

I doubt if fring, which is not that well known, made much of an impact on deciding which phone to buy. However, it is interesting to note that several comments to their blog item mentions that the value of fring’s video calling feature was greatly reduced after Skype started blocking fring from accessing their network.

My own casual observation is that I have not seen anyone make a Facetime call on an iPhone 4 since the first few days after its launch when everyone was testing it out. And while a number of people I know have recently bought Android phones with front facing cameras, I have not heard them talking about using it for video calls.

My guess is that video calls current appeal is to relatively small vertical segments such as people who are away from friends and family for an extended period of time. iPhone 4 users have the additional restriction of needing WiFi service to make a Facetime video call.