fring 3.35.3 for Windows Mobile VoIP App: Powerful, Flexible, & Quirky


fring’s announcement for their Windows Mobile client update is not much longer than the blog’s subject line…

New WM version: Faster twitter and bug fixes

Version 3.35.3 is a free download of the Voice over IP (among other things) client. And, here’s something I wish other Windows Mobile app developers would do:

1. Provide a CAB file installer that can be downloaded directly to a Windows Mobile phone
2. Provide a short easy to type URL:

fring is a bit of a odd duck though. As far as I can tell, the only way to sign up is from the mobile device itself. I don’t see any new user sign-up page on that lets you use a nice big keyboard and screen instead of the tiny ones on a phone.

And, here’s another oddity, it disabled the existing WiFi connection on my smartphone and forced me to reconnect to my WiFi access point? What is the deal there? Other VoIP clients like Skype simply use the existing WiFi connection (or 3G). Then it seemed to have problem authenticating despite the fact that my smartphone was already set up for WPA2 with the WiFi access point.

Since I’m always looking for good free Windows Mobile Twitter clients, I tested its Twitter support. It actually has two. One is labeled Twitter and the other Twitter 2. The first didn’t seem to do much. So, I switched to the Twitter 2 option. That felt more like a conventional Twitter client. However, it presented truncated (though scrolling) lines of tiny type in landscape mode while displaying gigantic type (see screenshot above) in portrait mode. Strange…

I’ll play with it a bit more. But, it seems too quirky for my tastes.