Friends With the Undead: Our Favorite Facebook Zombie Games

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems like there are endless options for those of us who want to play a game that has a sold dose of horror in it. Fortunately, zombies are one of the most popular bad guys in entertainment right now, and that theme has extended to social games.

In the early days of Facebook, “zombie” games were like all other text-based apps that asked players to recruit as many friends to their horde/mob/fiefdom as possible in order to “win.” As games have become a more sophisticated experience on the platform, the concept of zombies has expanded to cover everything from minions to command to a resource for harvesting. Though more prominent on mobile devices (perhaps because of perceived differences in demographics), there are still a fair amount of zombie-themed games for Facebook. Here’s a roundup of our favorites.

Braaains – First up on our list is Arizona-based Broken Bulb Games’ take on zombies, Braaains. Instead of players defending themselves from the oncoming horde, they command it and assemble an army of zombies one by one. Players equip their zombie warriors with weapons and armor and send them into battle to earn money and experience. The combat comes down a pure numbers game, but players can get an edge with training and and performance enhancing items. More zombies can be bought for in-game cash (earned in battle) or via brains, which can be purchased with Facebook credits. The game currently has 160,000 MAU and 20,00 DAU. Read our review here.

Hollywood Zombies – Developed by Victoria, BC-based independent studio Kano/Apps, Hollywood Zombies is a perfectly decadent mashup of zombie horror and celebrity culture. In this game, Hollywood has been overrun by the undead and it’s up to the player deal with the zombies that are terrorizing the town. The twist is that the goal isn’t to obliterate the zombies, but to catch them all — sort of like Pokemon, but with undead. Players can add friends to their squads to help them take down tougher and rarer zombies, and can purchase better bait, health and energy refills in exchange for Facebook credits. The game currently has 20,000 MAU.

Zombie Island – If catching zombies isn’t your speed, you can always try 6waves Lolapps and Vizor Interactive’s take on the zombie genre. Zombie Island takes lazy zombies out of the ground and puts them to work for you – harvesting wood, tending crops and mining stone. While Zombie Island is technically played with zombies, the real goal of the farming game is to build and customize your own island, albeit with zombie themed items. Players must manage their undead workers by giving them brains, which can either be purchased with the in-game currency or with Facebook credits. According to AppData, Zombie Island currently has 390,000 MAU and 130,000 DAU. Read our review here.

Zombie Lane – A zombie game with a bit of everything, Digital Chocolate’s Zombie Lane combines farming, quests, city-building and lots of zombie killing in a lighthearted package. The player’s goal is to rebuild and defend their neighborhood from zombies, which means while they’ll spend plenty of time bashing zombie skulls, they’ll also spend time clearing rubble, building reinforcements and helping out their friends. Zombie Lane came on strong after its March 2011 launch but has since started to decline, today coming in with 2,700,000 MAU and 510,000 DAU according to AppData. Read our review here.

Zombie Misfits – Nexon’s latest Facebook game Zombie Misfits expands an already diverse sub-genre of gameplay by adding tower defense elements to the mix. In the game, players must protect a bunker filled with helpless survivors from zombies by strategically placing defenders on the map. The more zombies a player kills, the more defenders they can put on the map, and the more survivors they’ll be able to keep alive. The fast paced and challenging game was co-developed by Canadian studio Antic Entertainment, and currently has 8,000 MAU and 2,000 DAU. Read our review.