OC Railroad Station Owner Doubles as Citizen Journalist

We’re pretty sure Tony Bushala is the only person in Southern California who could have business cards made up to read, “Railroad Station Owner / Citizen Journalist.” Along with restoring Fullerton’s historic downtown train stop, Bushala has been earning additional respect this summer for overseeing “Friends of Fullerton Forever” blog coverage of all matters relating to the fatal police beating of homeless man Kelly Thomas.

This morning for example, contributor Joe Sipowicz rates the August 8 appearance on KFI 640 AM radio’s “John and Ken” of city D.A. Tony Rackaukas:

Rackauckas actually did pretty well, for him. The keynote was his claim that “everything is open.” Again, normally I would take that to mean: everything is open–including, and most likely, no findings and the cops skate, as usual. This is different.

Although T-Rack claimed he saw no evidence that there was a deliberate intent to kill, he also said that the video is “core evidence” which strongly suggests that he may actually do something.

Bushala launched the blog in 2008 and per a recent report on VoiceofOC.org, is spearheading an effort to recall three of Fullerton’s five city council members for their handling of the controversial case of Thomas, who was taken off life support July 5.