Friends Exposed: A Big Facebook Friend Quiz App You May Have Never Heard Of

Friends Exposed has seen some of the fastest growth of any title released in the past two months. It’s now the 20th app on the app leaderboard and has made developer Topzy the 17th highest ranked developer according to AppData.

That success is clear, but how it got those numbers is less so. Developer Topzy has three apps on Facebook: Friends Statistics is their oldest title, released in November 2008, while How well do you know your friends? is their newest released this month. However, with 14.24 million monthly active users (MAU) using their apps and 14.2 million of them using Friends Exposed, the title is by far and away their biggest success.

FE saw a high of 16.57 million MAU on December 11th and has dropped slightly to 14.2 million as of January 9th.

The app works like a wall post director or a predetermined twitter post for friends. Users answer a question either about themselves or about a friend and the results are posted on both walls. Essentially, questions come in three varieties: Personal, towards a friend, or fill in with a friends name.

FE’s main competition is from Social Interview an app that started up in November 2009. However, SI has steadly fallen from a high 29.1 million users on December 11th to 17 million on January 9th. With SI being flash based many users probably got stuck on the idea thanks to Social Interview and have jumped to FE in preference to its speed. As of this writing, SI has 516,974 fans, but FE has 546,952 fans.

Users starting up FE for the first time will see a question next to a friends user photo and a box to put the answer. Simple. You can pick specific friends or question types too if you wish. Then, when the answer is posted to their wall, it is posted with the Friends Exposed graphic. This ease of use is almost certainly the cause of the app’s. Whereas other apps try to entertain you in the process, FE entertains you with the results.

FE’s wall-to-wall sharing system is similar to many Facebook applications like FarmVille, Travel Balloon and Give A Heart. What makes FE genius though, is that the title doesn’t require any playtime or a long questionnaires to fill out. It speeds up the process of sharing results to a considerably faster level.

If you post to five walls and five of their friends see it over the course of a few days ( a conservative number),  then FE has reached 25 people with just a minute of fun questions. FarmVille, for example, has grown in part by posting farm results on users’ walls and allowing others to view the results.

Its success has also brought controversy. On the apps main page, one user wrote, “NO ONE should have the right to post whatever they want on my page simply because it is a FB application.” Meanwhile most people agree with Rodrigo Paiz who said, “This distracts me from boredom for a while, plus it’s fun to think about creative answers to bug my friends.”

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