Friendly, Facepad Grab 2 Million Monthly Actives on the iPad as Facebook Holds Off on Official App

Facebook’s deliberate approach to designing and launching its long-anticipated iPad app has created an opening for enterprising developers.

Two of them, Loytr and Oecoway Inc., have racked up two million monthly active users between themselves and hopefully, made a little money too. Loytr’s Facepad (shown at the bottom of the story) has gained 546,931 monthly active users up from none at the beginning of the month when it launched. Meanwhile Friendly for iPad (shown above), which is older and came out in July of last year, has accumulated 1,494,593 monthly active users according to AppData. A third Facebook iPad app called Touch HD currently has 26, 125 monthly actives.

Both Facepad and Friendly have free and paid versions, which are currently $0.99. Facepad’s paid counterpart comes without advertising, while Friendly’s free version lets you try before you buy.

Although Facepad seems to be quickly catching up to its rival, its DAU/MAU ratio, a measure of stickiness that compares daily active users to monthly actives ones, falls short compared to Friendly. Facepad’s DAU/MAU has tumbled down to below 20 percent, while Friendly’s has hovered steadily around 32 percent for the past month.

Mark Zuckerberg has alluded to the fact that the company has worked on iPad prototypes. But with all of Facebook’s many other priorities in its mobile strategy this year, tablets probably haven’t become mainstream enough to put them at the very top of the list. Friendly and Facepad’s two million monthly actives barely register next to Facebook’s more than 200 million mobile users. Zuckerberg even jokingly said that the iPad wasn’t a mobile device, back in November when the company unveiled a number of mobile platform updates including single sign-on. We’ll see if he changes his mind this spring.