FriendFeed Makes Friends with Twitter

This new feature that was just rolled out by FriendFeed may delight either Twitter and FriendFeed users or annoy them instead. FriendFeed has enabled a new function that will let you to automatically posts all your FriendFeed updates in their entirety to your Twitter timeline. How cool or uncool can that be?

FriendFeed allows you to either post your entries in their entirety over to Twitter including the comments you make on your FriendFeed accounts or, specify selected entries only. To activate this new FriendFeed service, you need to go to your FriendFeed account page and click on the check box which says ‘Post my FriendFeed entries on Twitter.” From there you can specify which of your FriendFeed entries you would like to automatically post to Twitter.

It’s really a useful and nifty addition to FriendFeed’s functionality and its quite interesting that FriendFeed opted to introduce this feature with Twitter. I used to think that FriendFeed and Twitter are rivals in the microblogging/lifestreaming niche. It could work both ways for FriendFeed though. Either users stopped subscribing to the FriendFeed accounts of their friends since they are already subscribed to their Twitter account or non-FriendFeed users who are Twitter users may opt to try out FriendFeed as well.

Likewise, you will either like this new feature if you’re a FriendFeed user or annoy you if you are a Twitter user since as Mashable’s Adam Ostrow said, this will add up to the annoying noise of Twitter, since you’ll practically get “non-conversational” updates from your Twitter friend who will opt for this service in FriendFeed. If that the case, Twitter will defeat its purpose of being an online conversational tool.

But wait, isn’t it that FriendFeed is implementing this feature? Will Twitter blocked off all FriendFeed updates coming in to its members’ Twitter account or just let it be?