FriendFeed Launches for iPhone, Bloggers Rejoice

Last night FriendFeed announced a new version of their site that is optimized for the iPhone. Immediately there were postings around the web about the update rejoicing that finally the site is easily accessible by all those iPhone addicts. The FriendFeed buzz has been increasing over the past few weeks and based on the Alexa traffic data, it appears that the buzz is paying off for the company.

I’ve become more active on the site but I’ve also noticed that it is practically impossible to follow everything that is going on. There is simply too much noise. Facebook has been working to resolved this problem by generating an automated filter. FriendFeed also has a filter which displays the most popular items over a given period of time but it appears to be based on the volume of comments posted on a given item.

I’m sure this new version will be extremely popular. After sitting next to Robert Scoble on a train back from New York City and seeing him obsessing over FriendFeed on iPhone, I know at least one person who will be satisfied with this new feature. Are you using FriendFeed regularly? Have you had a chance to check out the new iPhone version of the site?