FriendFeed Goes International, Partially

You’d know when an online service is doing great and is bound for famedom when it becomes multi-lingual. Such as is the case of FriendFeed which just announced that everybody’s beginning to be the top choice lifestreaming service is now available in five more other languages. Aside from the default English, you can now set your FriendFeed account into German, French, Spanish, Japanese and simplified Chinese.

You can easily translate your FriendFeed account into any those languages by simply selecting the language from your FriendFeed account setting or even at the bottom of every page in your FriendFeed account. Each of these language have their user-supported help area in case you would any problems in using them. Although we really doubt if you’d really encounter any problem since it is just language translation.

Anyway, the five additional language interface is planned to increase some more in the future. FriendFeed said that these five languages are the most commnly used in the whole of the FriendFeed universe, hence they were first to be made available.

With these new language interface and perhaps more languages in the future, we could clearly see where FriendFeed is heading to – huge success!

It’s different when you’re an international site with international users, and moreso if you are an online service serving the international crowd in their own languages. FriendFeed is definitely on the road to huge stardom, if it is not yet there actually.