FriendFeed Gets Noisier with IM Notification Features

If the real-time update features which was recently rolled out by FriendFeed was not enough to give you updated of your FriendFeed updates, then you might actually like FriendFeed newest feature on making its presence felt to members – FriendFeed IM Notifications. This new feature enables you to receive notification when someone posts a comment on your FriendFeed updates or when new posts are posted on your FriendFeed updates.

FriendFeed IM Notification is again a similar feature which has long been carried out by Twitter. And quite honestly I never turned it on in my Twitter account. Why? Because I don’t want to get bombarded by Twitter updates posted by my Twitter contacts. I’m following around 300 Twitter members and you can just imagine how updates I would received everytime those whom I following post a Tweet?

The same maybe true with FriendFeed. The new IM notification feature works with Gtalk and Jabber accounts. Aside from sending you notifications everytime somebody comments on your posts or new posts are made on any of your FriendFeed friends’ accounts, you can also talk back – even without going to the FriendFeed site. That is, you can post to your FriendFeed feed or comment on entries from your IM window.
To do this, you can use the following commands:

  • @me message – to post a new message to your feed
  • @me – list the entries in your feed
  • @roomname message – post a new message to the room with nickname roomname
  • @roomname – List the entries in the room with nickname roomname
  • @N comment – Comment on entry N. When you receive entry and comment notifications via IM, they are all prefixed with @N. You can reply to them by prefixing your comment with the same @N.
  • @N – Show entry N. Useful when you get a comment on @N and you want to see the original post.
  • like N – Like entry N
  • @nickname – List the entries in the the given user’s feed
  • pause – Pause IM notifications
  • resume – Resume IM notifications
  • list – List the most recent entries you have received via IM
  • help – Print the list of IM commands
For those who don’t want to get bombarded with notifications on their IM accounts you can select which type of FriendFeed notifications will be sent to your IM. That is whether you want notifications when someone comments on your posts or when there’s activity on your home feed, and whether you want to receive notifications for posts only, post and all comments and post and comments from selected friends.
I have yet to enable this feature on my FriendFeed account. I might try it out sometime and see if it won’t annoy. But frankly, this is a good feature to help you get updated with what’s going on in your FriendFeed account without going to the site every now and then.