FriendFeed Fans Fantasize About Death of Twitter

This past weekend, while most people were away enjoying the beginning of summer, uber-geeks sat around and discussed the ongoing troubles facing Twitter and how FriendFeed would deal the final death blow. If FriendFeed was consuming most of my discussions nowadays I might agree but unfortunately it has yet to win me over. While FriendFeed is beginning to drive traffic to my sites, Twitter still reigns king and Facebook still beats FriendFeed.

Unfortunately for the early adopters who believe that FriendFeed will become the online leader, there is still the majority that needs to be convinced and currently those people are spending their time on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. I completely understand the benefits of using FriendFeed but isn’t it really just a feature that other social networks sites can easily embed?

In the battle for attention, FriendFeed comes nowhere close to Twitter. Just take a look at the chart below and you’ll notice that the early adopters such as Robert Scoble, Steve Gillmore have an argument which is not based on reality. Conversely, while writing this tirade, I’ve received 5 comments on one of my FriendFeed items. I still just don’t see FriendFeed going mainstream though.

Do you use FriendFeed actively? Do you see FriendFeed successfully competing with Twitter? Are they even competitors?