FriendFeed Adds Search, I Still Don't Get It

All the buzz since yesterday has been about FriendFeed’s new search feature. Much of the discussion revolves around how Twitter has failed to add search over the past year. The critics are angry and now they’re embracing FriendFeed. For some reason I still can’t grasp the significance of the site though. I honestly don’t want to see every single activity that my friends are up to on the web. I’m sorry.

As I mentioned Sunday, the value is not in simply in the access of information but in the algorithm that filters that information. So far, Facebook has been the most effective at filtering through this information. Search is definitely a feature that adds a lot of value and also makes these feeds easier to monetize.

Facebook has not been very aggressive on search but there are rumors that search has become more of a priority over the recent months. When we see a startup with less than five employees add search to their product in a matter of months but competing services can’t offer similar features it makes you wonder what is going on at the other companies. Then again, smaller teams alway operate more efficiently.

Either way, I still don’t understand the value of FriendFeed but for some reason it has been my most active site over the past couple days since I joined. It appears that the site is gaining traction but I still don’t use it. Call me dense. Am I completely missing something here? Based on all the chatter it appears that I definitely am.