Friend Quizzes, Yahoo, Photos, Videos, Horoscopes and Tabs on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Friend quiz applications were all over our list of the top growing ones by daily active users this week. There were also some video-related apps, Yahoo, and then a horoscope and Page tab app. The apps on our list below grew from between 116,500 and 4 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Yahoo!9,943,207+4,072,614+69%
2.  21 questions3,585,899+1,801,195+101%
3. The Sims Social1,119,121+1,050,909+1,541%
4.  YouTube3,185,750+820,683+35%
5. Friends Photos & Albums438,183+418,077+2,079%
6.  我的王國(My Kingdom)629,855+395,060+168%
7.  Truth Game956,424+324,791+51%
8. The Smurfs & Co1,047,724+262,064+33%
9.  Truths About You678,161+228,929+51%
10.  Between You and Me694,344+210,648+44%
11.  GnomeTown285,930+178,097+165%
12.  Monster World1,568,705+175,247+13%
13.  Get Revealed482,448+165,837+52%
14. My Friend Secrets431,810+151,564+54%
15.  Gardens of Time3,742,453+147,644+4%
16. Video izle263,405+143,185+119%
17. Welcome Tab218,456+141,763+185%
18.  Astrology3,600,744+131,840+4%
19.  DoubleDown Casino698,913+130,768+23%
20.  Video Yeri146,596+116,468+387%

Yahoo’s app topped the list with growth of more than 4 million DAU this week. Then came the friend quiz apps. 21 questions grew by 1.8 million DAU, Friends Photos & Albums by 418,100 DAU, Truth Game by 324,800 DAU, Truths About You by 228,900 DAU, Between You and Me by 210,700 DAU, Get Revealed by 165,800 DAU and My Friend Secrets by 151,600 DAU. By and large these apps work the same way: they ask you questions about your friends, then when you answer they publish feed stories to your Wall or to their Wall.

Video apps on the list this week included YouTube’s with 820,700 DAU. Then there were Turkish video apps, Video izle with 263,400 DAU and Video Yeri with 116,500 DAU, allow users to view, watch, share, Like and comment on selected videos.

Then there was Page tab app Welcome Tab with 141,800 DAU and Astrology, a horoscope app with 131,800 DAU that asks users to invite their friends to the app.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.