Friend Quizzes, Page Tabs, Photos, Phrases, Horoscopes, Luck and Mobile on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

Although there were six friend quiz apps and a pair of Page tab apps on our list of those growing most by daily active users this week, the rest of the list was pretty much a mixed bag. Phrases, Twitter, luck, horoscopes, beauty and mobile apps made up the rest of the list. The titles on our list below grew from between 110,700 and 734,700 DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  21 questions4,659,089+734,658+19%
2.  Social Empires827,038+486,098+143%
3. The Sims Social7,996,772+465,676+6%
4.  60photos729,063+444,534+156%
5.  Static HTML: iframe tabs2,730,912+397,366+17%
6. Phrases (new)311,700+311,037+46,914%
7.  Between You and Me1,208,000+241,943+25%
8.  Truth Game1,488,047+226,762+18%
9. How Attractive Are You?184,412+178,012+2,781%
10. My Friend Secrets734,587+175,957+31%
11.  Mystery Manor509,376+173,058+51%
12.  Twitter956,499+159,771+20%
13.  Truths About You1,059,542+157,750+17%
14.  Tư vấn vui174,654+148,312+563%
15.  Diamond Dash2,126,432+134,673+7%
16.  Luck Daily!196,773+131,514+202%
17.  Get Revealed768,464+122,559+19%
18.  iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML865,512+122,122+16%
19.  ibibo.com417,176+114,198+38%
20.  DoubleDown Casino938,740+110,688+13%

21 questions grew by 734,700 DAU this week, Between You and Me by 241,900 DAU, Truth Game by 226,800 DAU, My Friend Secrets by 176,000 DAU, Truths About You by 157,800 DAU and Get Revealed by 122,600 DAU. These apps ask questions about your Facebook friends and answers may be posted to the stream.

A pair of Page tab applications were on the list, Static HTML: iframe tabs which grew by 397,400 DAU and iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML by 122,100 DAU.

The rest of the list was mixed with different types of apps.

60photos grew by 444,500 DAU; the app presents the photos of your Facebook friends and asks you to rate them, posting feed stories with your answers. Phrases (new) grew by 311,000 DAU and is not available in the United States. Twitter’s app grew by 159,800 DAU and mobile app marketplace by 114,200 DAU.

Apps that have similar set up included How Attractive Are You? with 178,000 DAU and Luck Daily! with 131,500 DAU. Each of these apps generates a “score” of attractiveness or luck then publishes to the stream, also asking you to invite your friends to use the app. Finally, the Vietnamese horoscope app Tư vấn vui grew by 148,300 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.