Facebook Posts Friend Finder Homepage Promotion

Facebook’s single largest source of growth is the company’s import contact which has since become a standard tool for growth among large internet startups. Today, the company gave their Friend Finder service and contact import tool a large homepage promotion. As soon as users log in to the site they see the promotion at the top of the page until they close out the notification.

So why would Facebook post such a large promotion? The most likely reason is that Facebook is looking to give their viral user growth a little kick. While most third-party analytics services have showed continued growth for Facebook (including it’s rise to the number one spot in the U.S. for three days over the holidays), Facebook will need to keep digging to find the growth that should catapult the site to Google’s reach.

While the Facebook Friend Finder has come under fire recently for privacy issues, it’s core to Facebook’s ongoing growth. For those users who have been on the site for years, it makes sense to occasionally use the tool to find new friends that have joined recently. The Friend Finder also includes recommendations of friends that users may wish to friend.

While there’s no easy way to track how effective Facebook’s homepage promotion of the friend finder will be at driving growth, the company is known for heavily optimizing promotions for maximum impact. If the company has this promotion displayed to over 175 million users today, you can expect there to be millions of new users registered.

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