Facebook Friend Details Officially Removed, Converted to Friend Lists

Last week I wrote that Facebook was beginning to phase out friend details from the site. It now appears official and according to Facebook, “the friend details that were already established on your account have been converted to Friend Lists.” If you go look at your friend lists there will now be lists that you hadn’t created as the company tries to eliminate this feature all together.

While you can still enter the information after you’ve approved a friend, it may no longer be accessible in the near future. Facebook states, “any extra data you filled out after checking the box [which confirms your friendship] may have been lost.” The concept of friend lists makes sense for organization purposes as well as managing privacy settings but notes were also extremely useful. Facebook is rapidly turning into the personal relationship management system of choice.

Unfortunately there are many features that still aren’t present that would be most useful one of those features being a modified version of the friend details feature. Any decent contact management system has a field for notes about how you know a user and Facebook should be no exception. A number of users on our previous post mentioned that friend details were now missing and wanted to see the feature brought back.

That’s a normal reaction for most Facebook users though considering that a large number of people on Facebook are resistant to change. Would you find it useful to be able to keep notes about your relationships in Facebook?