Friend Buzz Bounces Back As Fastest Growing App

Friend Buzz makes a huge return to our list, going right to the top. And some newcomers to the rankings offer daily predictions of luck.

Friend Buzz makes a huge return to our list, going right to the top. Other question applications have achieved notable weekly growth totals, plus a few hot choices from past weeks have returned to the ranking. And there are a few newcomers that make daily predictions about yourl uck. These and other changes you can read about below come from our own in-depth statistic tool.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Friend Buzz999,1438,296,1384,683,868
2. Monster Galaxy862,13714,724,1292,194,143
3. 21 questions1,173,40215,765,2971,995,224
4. BandPage by RootMusic1,744,75829,457,0731,718,339
5. Daily Horoscope4,114,92811,126,4971,526,357
6. Army Attack574,6162,346,5211,506,876
7. Friend Matrix168,8831,933,8801,161,174
8. Truth Game485,8966,417,8961,045,793
9. Your World Rank182,8391,896,246934,703
10. VEVO for Artists257,8256,464,746842,884
11. Pieces of Flair240,6542,158,459801,990
12. Luck Daily!1,176,6632,212,498778,666
13. Between You and Me363,8225,202,160752,780
14. Truths About You327,8054,595,520746,991
15. e-Diagnostics180,7773,189,572737,156
16. Your Luck [daily]584,606868,412733,831
17. Pages +248,7673,884,153702,485
18. Send Gift158,8704,155,618688,261
19. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa545,7818,651,100642,747
20. PyramidVille528,8272,174,055627,718

Question Applications

This unrelenting trend picks up steam with five application making the cut this week. Friend Buzz leads the pack with a tremendous weekly growth increase totaling 4,683,868. Moving up two places, 21 questions takes the third spot with 1,995,224 adds. Also found within the front half of our fastest growing countdown, Truth Game nabs the eighth spot with the help of 1,045,793 curious minds.

Between You and Me takes three steps forward to 13th this week; the app had 752,780 users hooked on the quiz. Just a place behind you will find Truths About You as it had an additional 746,991 users answering questions about their social networking clique.


After a few week absence, Monster Galaxy returns to claim second place. The Facebook game welcomed a 2,194,143 player increase. Army Attack makes moves as it jumps to the sixth position; 1,506,876 gamers recently joined the war in this Digital Chocolate app.

Newcomer PyramidVille, developed by Kobojo, rounds out the countdown as 627,718 people started building their ancient cities.

Rock On

BandPage by RootMusic slips to fourth, but still sees a 1,718,339 increase. VEVO for Artists also takes a spill as it cuts the countdown in half; the tool helped add video content to 842,884 profiles.

Just For Fun

Daily Horoscope takes a massive leap forward as it lands in fifth; 1,526,357 more social networkers will now have the daily predictions added to their profiles.

A developing new trend are daily predictions of luck. Luck Daily leads the choices in 12th place with 778,666 users on the lookout for lucky days. A second daily alternative, Your Luck, lands the 16th spot with a 733,831 weekly growth total.

Friend Matrix has another successful week, finishing in seventh place with 1,161,174 people making collages of their Facebook friends. Pieces of Flair kicks off the second half of the countdown with 801,990 adds. Send Gift meanders its way back to the top 20 as it lands in the 18th position; 688,261 likers sent virtual gifts to show their love.

Your World Rank puts a few entertaining stats surrounding personal profiles that can be compared with friends; the”just for fun app” appears ninth with 934,703 adds. Taking 15th, e-Diagnostics intrigued the minds of 737,156 social networkers.

Page Creation Tools

Pages + takes a fall to 17th place, but still manages to have a pages built and tab view total of 702,485 since last Friday. Iwipa appears to be slipping once more. Landing in 19th this time around, the page building tool finished with a 642,747 increase.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of these apps this week?