Friedman: Only Sort Of Rich

From Radar:

    New York Times’ Foreign Affairs guru Tom Friedman writes in to point out an error in a recent feature by Radar staffer Jebediah Reed. In “The Iraq Gamble,” Reed marveled at the fact that, considering his outsized role in selling Americans on a catastrophic war, Friedman not only still has a job, but is richer than ever.

    E-maileth Friedman:

    Thanks for your piece on Radar[Online]. You got all your facts right, but one. We don’t have a second home in Aspen, or anywhere else. I will need to get more things wrong to achieve that status. I think you might be referring to my in-laws’ home, where we stay when we visit them. You seem to be interested in facts, so I figured you would want to know. All best, Tom Friedman

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(Hat Tip: Romenesko)